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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The officials have stated that, at the time of delivering the dead body,  his body can be buried in the Isfahan cemetery [Golestan], as he is a Baha’i martyr [killed in the war],  however visits to the grave will not be permitted unless he is buried in Najafabad.  During the memorial gathering, non-Baha’i friends also participated, and on this occasion they informed the Najafabad Revolutionary Guards of his status as a Baha’i martyr and that he should be buried with utmost respect.



[His] Excellency Captain Abbaszadeh, Chief of the Esteemed Squad Headquarters of Arkan:

I wish to notify Your Excellency that I, Mehrdad Badkoubeh, am a Baha’i as well as a duty soldier; as you may know, we should not participate in politics and wars.

I hereby request you to take the necessary actions for the above-mentioned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Dated 11 Bahman1361 [31 January 1983]

Mehrdad Badkoubeh