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Interrogation Papers and Minutes [Mr. Alavian was provided an Interrogation Paper to write his final words before his execution]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Islamic Revolution Prosecutor’s Office

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Date: First day of Tir 1360 [22 June 1981]

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File ------


[To] My beloved wife Azam, today the first of Tir 1360 [22 June 1981] I have been summoned to be executed (by firing squad) at 6:00 in the afternoon and I will [therefore] be executed within an hour.  Now that this has been destined [for me] by the Divine Will, I am ultimately pleased. I am being executed solely for being a Baha’i; no other accusations and convictions the Court has made is acceptable to me. I hope my services in the Baha’i community would be accepted by the Almighty.  I am saying farewell to you by this letter.  Say my goodbye to my sons Vahid, Vahdat, and Vedad and always encourage them in the path of service to humanity.

Although I would like to write the names of each and every one of my and your sisters and brothers and all relatives and friends, there is not enough time. Please tell them all their names are in my mind at this moment and I have not forgotten any one of them.  I apologize for not having mentioned their names in this letter. As you know, I have committed no crime other than service to the Baha’i community, therefore after my execution they will undoubtedly inform you to pick up my body. My request is for you not to be upset, for none of you to wear black, and to be happy.  During these moments that I am writing this letter, I am in a very positive mental mood. Mr. Farnoush and Mr. Mavaddat are sitting next to me writing letters as well. My belongings in prison will undoubtedly be given to you. There’s a chequebook in the bag in my suitcase.  If there is anything left from me deal with it as you see fit. In closing, again I request that you not allow my loss to cause you unhappiness, and ask all my loved ones not to be sad; and specifically that you strengthen the children’s spirits as you always have, so that they may continue their normal lives.  In conclusion please give my regards to all friends and Baha’is.

Devoted to you




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Final letter of the honorable martyr Engineer Alavian