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Islamic Republic of Iran

President of the Islamic Republic

Centre for Investigating Public Complaints

Number: 701/80124

Date: 3 Mehr 1386 [25 September 2007]

Enclosure: -----                                  


In the Name of God

[Two verses from Quran, one in Arabic and one in Persian]

To: Dr. Tavakkolí

Executive Assistant of National Education Measurement and Evaluation Organization

Ministry of Research, Science and Technology

Subject: Complaint of Mrs. Boshra Fahandej Saadi


Enclosed is a copy of the letter of Mrs. Boshra Fahandej Saadi regarding her complaint about her being deprived of selecting her field of study.

While investigating, please instruct the appropriate action to be taken and report the results to this administration and the aforementioned individual./H

Masha’u’llah Ṣaffár

[Signature on the name]

Deputy [Manager] of the Centre and Director-General for the Coordination of Public Requests and Complaints Investigation



Central Office


Record Management