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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Isfahan to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: -----; Telegram Number: 498, Number of Words: ----- Date of receipt: 15 Mehr [1329] [Correct date: 14 Aban 1329 (5 November 1950)]


[Ministry of the] Interior


At 3:00pm this afternoon the telegraph office of the Boroujen reported that due to clashes between the Muslims and the Baha’is, the Assembly [local Centre] of the Baha’is was set on fire and burnt down and if extra assistance and auxiliary forces do not arrive, there will be some serious consequences.  The governor was ordered to go to Boroujen and resolve the conflict. Also the Gendarmerie Regiment was instructed to send extra assistance and auxiliary forces and provide security. Also, from the Army Regiment, a number of soldiers were deployed with an officer in order to protect security. A further update will be provided in due course.  498, 14 Aban 1329 [5 November 1950].


From the Governor General


[Stamp: Ministry of Telegraph in Tehran, transmission sent]

[Handwritten Note 1:] Law Enforcement Office and Political Division, 15 Aban

[Handwritten Note 2:] Number 15444/N- 15 Aban

[Handwritten Note 3:] Waiting for upcoming news. To be filed for now. [Signature], 16 Aban 1329.