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Ministry of the Interior,

National Gendarmerie Headquarters


[Date:] 30 Aban 1329] [21 November 1950]

Number: 25731


Ministry of the Interior


In response to letter number 7533/M, 27/8/1329 [18 November 1950], and 14663/N, 25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950], this is to cordially inform you that, according to the content of the received reports from the Regiment of Isfahan, it is indicated that, on the night of 3 Aban 1329 [25 October 1950], the door of the house of one of the Baha’is in Boroujen was set on fire.  The commander of the Gendarmerie, Captain Hakami, in order to prevent future similar incidents, ordered [that the incident be followed up, and the perpetrators interrogated.  The Muslims perceived this action of the mentioned officer as supporting the Baha’is.  In addition to complaining about this officer, they continued to burn other Baha’is houses.  As a result, some forces of the regiments have been dispatched to the area to maintain order.  The matter was investigated in the presence of the representatives of the Governor General’s Office and the court.  Although Captain Hakami has not committed anything contrary to the regulations, and has acted with absolute diligence to maintain order, due to the local circumstances, he has been replaced.


On Behalf of the Commander of National Gendarmerie Headquarters,

Colonel Mir-Fendereski



[Handwritten 1:] Law Enforcement Office, 2 Azar [1329] [23 Nov 1950]

[Handwritten 2:] Number 15449/N – 2 Azar [1329] [23 Nov 1950]

[Handwritten 3:] Records were presented on 28 Aban 1329 [19 November 1950] for action. 4 Azar 1329 [25 Nov 1950]