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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Mostazafan Foundation

Department for Confiscated Properties


Number: 58 / 4/ 2218

National Lands and Deeds Registry Office,


Respectfully, as you are aware, the Omana Company (a privately held Company), was confiscated under Order number 193 N dated [18] 3/1358 [8 June 1979] of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and is now placed under the supervision and management of this organization.  Please arrange for a complete list of all properties in Iran [owned by the Omana Company] which have been registered in the registries of your office to be sent to the address of this organization as noted at the bottom of this page.


Assistant Supervisor of the Department of Confiscated Properties


Copies to be sent to all registration offices and district registries for appropriate action.


On behalf of the Office of Properties - Malek