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In the Name of God

Number: 814/36

Date: 11/10/1360 [01 January 1982]

Enclosure: one page


Verdict of the Admissions Council

Mr. Berjis Eghanian

Course of Study: Civil Engineering, Faculty -----, University: Elm va Sanat, student no.: [redacted], Year of Admission: 1357 [1978], Subjects successfully completed.-----, Grade point average.----- You are hereby informed that for the following reasons:

1 - Member of the perverse Baha’i sect





In accordance with:

the report of the investigatory team ----- existing documents -----; evidence X; your confession -----; the opinion of the civil and disciplinary organizations -----; and considering your recantation and the process for dealing with repentants -----; as set out in Section-----; of the Admissions Regulations (stage two transferred students and stage one suspended students) which was enacted by the Ministry of Education, you are prohibited from continuing your studies X.

You are suspended from continuing your studies for a period of -----, following which you may resume them, provided you do not display signs of having withdrawn your recantation.

In addition, as stipulated by the Headquarters of the Cultural Revolution on 22/6/1361 [13 September 1982], you are prohibited from applying for any degree or associate diploma certificate granted to students.,

In the event you wish to contest the verdict, you can post your complaint together with your documents and arguments within 5 days of the receipt of this letter to the P.O. Box 64/15/14, Tehran. In the event you wish to contest this verdict, you may post your grievance, together with your [supporting] documents and arguments, to P. O. Box 64/15/14, Tehran, within five days of receipt of this letter.


Grievances that do not include the student’s address will not be processed.

The Admissions Council will respond to you within 25 days of receipt of your grievance.


[signature over official stamp]

Director of the Admission Council