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Iranian Telecommunications Company


Islamic Republic of Iran

Date: 16 Shahrivar 1359 [7 September 1980]

Number 111/4270/7689

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Mr. Behrouz Ahmadaie-Rafsanjani

Communications Network Technician-Telecommunications Company, Khorasan Province

According to the Minutes of the Purification Board of the Ministry of Post, Telegrams, and Telephone Communications, dated 25 Mordad 1359 [16 August 1980], [the following decision,] was approved in accordance with the Purification Act of the Revolutionary Council, [which was enacted] on 7 Shahrivar 1358 [29 August 1979]:  you are dismissed from service [by virtue] of this verdict, taking into account your years of employment. [The status of] your retirement pension will be determined in due course and you will be advised accordingly via separate verdict.

Mahmoud Ghandi


Minister of Post and Telegrams and Telephone and company director