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[Agricultural] Machinery Manufacturing of Arak (Special Joint Venture)



Announcement Number 7

According to the resolution of the committee of [workers] delegates, from 22 Aban [1357] [14 November 1978] [illegible] are the followers of the Baha’i party, and their names [illegible] are being [mentioned here], until the final decision. Under no circumstances [illegible] they will not have.

  1. [Illegible] Manshadi
  2. [Illegible] Mehrabi
  3. Manuchehr Sirous
  4. Habibollah Shadbakht
  5. Anoshirvan Houshidari
  6. Ali Zourmandan
  7. Shahla Masrour
  8. Farhang Dehghan Manshadi


Committee of [workers] delegates [illegible]


[Copy 1:] For the information of the Employment Office of [Agricultural] Machinery Manufacturing

[Copy 2:] For the information of the Security Office of [Agricultural] Machinery Manufacturing