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[Adapted from website:] Basij News Agency

[Date:] 2 Tir 1398 [23 June 2019]


Ayatollah Khatami, The Removal of the Hijab Has a History in Baha’ism And in Reza Khan

A member of the Assembly of Experts for Leadership said, “The removal of the hijab has its history in Baha’ism and Reza Khan, and against this conspiracy one cannot sit idle and do nothing; the religious people will not tolerate it.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami, in a meeting with the military commander of Qom, said, “In the 40th anniversary of the Revolution, foreign and domestic conspiracies are increasing, and by the grace of God Almighty, the conspiracies will be thwarted, and we will overcome these problems.” ...

He said, “The history of the removal of the hijab goes back to two people―one [of them] a corrupt and immoral woman named Qurrat’ul-Ayn, a Baha’i, to attract the youth to the deviant and corrupt religion of Baha’ism, who entered without a hijab and with a naked appearance, and the second, to the bully Reza Khan, who, in his 20 years in power, took only one foreign trip. His foreign diplomatic trips lasted two or three days, but this last trip of Reza Khan to Turkey, which, in those days, was the symbol of a secular country, and where he was taught the secular version of how to fight religion, lasted 12 days; he implemented three [policies] in Iran, the first version was against the hijab, the second was against the clergy and the third was against mourning...