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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 10 Mehr 1388 (2 October 2009)


Isfahan: No Registration of the Baha’i Who Has Already Been Accepted

Latest news from Iran:

Mr. Bashir Tashakkor, who had been admitted to Isfahan Polytechnic University, was told he had a “problem” that prevented him from enrolling. When he inquired about the nature of the “problem”, he was advised to meet with the security office and the dean of the university. There he was told that the problem was out of their hands and that he should go to the Organization of Assessment and Education in Tehran. Mr. Tashakkor decided to travel to Tehran that night but was contacted by the university and asked to cancel his trip and return to the university the next day. On his return to the university, he was told that he would be registered if he signed an undertaking. In the [undertaking] it was stated that:

-He would follow the rules and regulations of the university

-He would refrain from propagating the Baha’i Faith

Mr. Tashakkor changed these sentences as follows:

The Baha’i organization is currently closed, and I am not a member

I do not propagate at university.

Mr. Tashakkor was told that his registration was conditional on officials’ accepting his amended sentences. There is currently no other information on Mr. Tashakkor’s registration status.