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[Newspaper:] Bamdad-e Emrouz

[Date:] Wednesday, 17 Ordibehesht 1359 - 7 May 1980 - 21 Jumada t - Tania 1400


Seven Corruptors on Earth Were Executed by the Central Revolutionary Court in Tehran

Seven defendants of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal, who had been sentenced to death, were executed last midnight in the Evin Prison yard.

The Office of Public Relations of the Public Prosecutor [gave] a statement announcing the names of these seven individuals, as follows:

  1. Badiollah Yazdani, son of Reza-Gholi, was condemned for having plundered millions of tuman from the Bayt al-mal and usurping the agricultural land of the people of Taleghan and Robat-Karim, committing murder, participating in the coup-d’etat of 28 Mordad [19 August], and assisting Israel.
  2. Shamsollah Gohari, son of Nayyerollah, was condemned for collaboration with Hojabr Yazdani in plundering the Bayt al-mal and collaborating in the murder of Jahanbakhsh Kenarsari Anhari.
  3. Gholam-Hosein Azami, son of Heydar, was condemned for having confronted the revolutionaries of Mehdi Shahr, creating fear and terror among the Muslims by taking arms and shooting repeatedly during the nights of Muharram 1357 [1978], collaborating with Hojabr Yazdani and insulting the Holy Imams.
  4. Ali-Akbar Moini, son of Gholam-Hosein, was condemned for having collaborated with Hojabr Yazdani, plundering the public funds, usurping the lands of oppressed farmers, taking action in public against Islam, influencing the exile of the clergy, and causing the escape of Hojabr Yazdani.
  5. Abbas-Ali Sari, son of Ali, was condemned for shooting on the day of 21 Farvardin 1344 [10 April 1965] and martyring the combatting private Reza Shams-Abadi.
  6. Ali-Akbar Haj-Elliyan [Alian], son of Ali-Ahmad, a guard of the dissolved SAVAK, was condemned for having participated in the 1352 [1973] incident of the Nowshahr Shahsavar Road against the labourers of the Ministry of Roads and shooting in their direction, participating in discovering the houses of the [Islamic] combatants, participating in the 17 Shahrivar [8 September] events  of Black Friday and handing over four Mojahedin individuals imprisoned by SAVAK of Nowshahr and shooting them on the way to the destination; their fate is not yet known.
  7. Seyyed Esmail Hoseini [illegible] [member of the] shared committee of so-called sabotage [illegible], was condemned for killing the comrade [illegible], and arresting the Mojahedin [illegible] and the suppression.


The order issued was carried out at 1:00 and [illegible] minutes, yesterday at dawn, Tuesday, 16 Ordibehesht 1359 [6 May 1980] in the yard of Evin Prison.