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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:]  Bamdaad

[Date:]  Wednesday, 4 Tir 1359 [25 June 1980]

[Issue No.:] 315

[Page:] 9


[Headline] An Introduction to Higher Education in Iran (7)

The Anti-Imperialism Movement of the Students

Written by: Dr. Naser Takmil Homayoun

…The first action taken against the independence of the university was the empowerment of the College of Higher Education, separate from the university, with the help of two foreign organizations made up by Bahaism and the Freemasons. This institution received a large budget, so it can produce modest and “pro shah” students, far from the influence of the “hated university” and, as good and “wise” teachers, educate the students and the generation after coups d’etat across Iran and bring up the “anti-Mosaddegh” generation?

Simultaneously, colleges and universities were established in the centres of the provinces and the imperialist government tried to prevent the formation of any connection between these universities and the University of Tehran.  It was even decided to transfer the College of Higher Education from Tehran to Qazvin Road.  Every traveller can still observe the sign of the said College in the fields there by the bridge of the Karaj-Qazvin highway.  Dr. Eghbal and his university friends would report to the “officials” every day that the university was quiet, and the College of Higher Education has become the base for all the “pro shah” people, and all other universities in big cities are in absolute security.