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[Adapted from website:] Bam News Agency

[Date:] 25 Ordibehesht 1395 [14 May 2016]


Khaled Haradani’s Letter on the Eighth Anniversary of the Imprisonment of Baha’i Leaders

BAM News Agency - Khaled Haradani, a political prisoner in Ward 4, Hall 12 of Rajaei-Shahr Prison, wrote in a letter on the eighth anniversary of the imprisonment of Baha’i leaders, “Eight years have passed and Baha’i leaders, like many political prisoners of conscience are imprisoned for demanding their rights, justice, and humanity, [and for demanding an end to the violation of] their basic and human rights. They are deprived of the most basic rights and facilities.


The Full Text of This Letter Follows:

Today, 25 Ordibehesht 1395 [14 May 2016], coinciding with the eighth anniversary of the imprisonment of the Baha’i leaders known as the “Yaran-e Iran”, is an [occasion] to remind [people] that in this century of civilization and human thought, we are standing nowhere; where understanding of the meaning of equality and respect for basic human rights of the people is still a great problem of humanity.

Eight years have passed, and Baha’i leaders, like many political prisoners of conscience, have been imprisoned for lack of basic human rights and justice, and are deprived of their basic human rights. On [this occasion], I, as a prisoner who has experienced the bitter taste of injustice behind the prison bars for many years and has struggled with it, am declaring my support for these loved ones and calling for freedom and respect for the religion and ideology of minorities, as a fundamental principle in the UN Charter.

Khalid Haradani – Rajaei-Shahr Prison, Karaj