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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation


Islamic Republic of Iran

Date -----

Number: [illegible]

Enclosure -----

Mr/Mrs. Rowhani, Babol



In order to audit the financials of the Omana Company, a subsidiary of the Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation, for the year ending 30 Esfand 1358 [20 March 1980], please submit, in writing, the balance of your debts to said company as at 30 Esfand 1358 [20 March 1980]. Forward the letter to [illegible] the auditors at Omana Company located at Keshavarz Boulevard, before Felestin Intersection, Flora Building number 124, First Floor, Post code 14.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

[Signature over official stamp]

I confirm the balance of my debts to the said company as at 30 Esfand 1358 [20 March 1980] is the sum of -----.

Date: -----

Signature: -----