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Date: 16/9/1373 [7 December 1994]

Respected Director of Finance of the Department of Agriculture of the Mazandaran Province


Respectfully, with reference to letter number K11449/3, [dated] 7/9/1373 [28 November 1994], of the Department of Agriculture in Mazandaran, in regards to my retirement order and termination of my pension, effective 7/9/1373 [28 November 1994], I am currently present in the province, and have already submitted three copies of the requested documents to Mr. Nabavi, along with my letter of 24/8/1373 [15 November 1994], and communication number S19491/3, [dated] 2/9/1373 [23 November 1994], of the Department of Agriculture.  After the registration, additional copies were made of the documents [for the records].  With gratitude in advance for your attention.



Bahram Nabi-Elahi

16/9/1373 [7 December 1994]