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Islamic Republic of Iran

Decision of the Personnel Office

Form 32 Ayn (52/4) Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran


1- Ministry/Institution: Agriculture and Rural Development

2- Employee number: [redacted]

3- Given name Mr.: Bahram

4- Surname: Nabi-Elahi

5- Father's name: Ali-Geda

6- Birth certificate number and place of issue Birth certificate number: [redacted]; issued in: [redacted]

7- Place of birth: [redacted]

8- Date of birth: [redacted]

9- Highest level of education and field: 

Highest degree: Grade 11, Field: Literature

10- Title of permanent position: Retired employee

11- Guild: Technical Engineering, Rank: Roads and Constructions Technician, Level:

12- Group: 6

13- Base: 12

14- Organizational Unit: Mazandaran Province Coop and Rural Affairs Central Office

15- Service location:

16- Reference:

Date: 7 Mordad 1360 [29 July 1981]

Number: G 16460

17- Type of Decision: Termination of service

18- Details of Decision:

Following order number 630/16985/18348, dated 14 Mordad 1360 [5 August 1981], and by virtue of this decision, and pursuant to paragraph (c), Article 14 of the State Employment Act, you are hereby dismissed from service and your pension terminated.

19- Salaries, benefits and bonuses

20- Salaries, benefits and bonuses indicated in this decision, for the total sum of (in letters) are payable after statutory deductions of ---- credit ----section ---- article.

21- Date of enforcement of the decision: 14 Mordad 1360 [5 August 1981]

22- Date of issue and number of decision: Date: 24 Mordad 1360 [15 August 1981], Number: 18663/430 [number] 20920

23- Name and surname of the authorized personnel: [illegible]

Title of permanent organizational position: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Signature: [signature]


Copy: Employee