Bahman Samandari

Born: 8 November 1939, Karaj

Executed in Tehran on 18 March 1992


Bahman Samandari was born into a Baha’i family in 1939 in Karaj.  After his graduation from high school in Tehran his parents pioneered to Turkey in 1955 and he was sent to the United States to continue his studies. In 1960 he returned to Iran to work and in 1965 he went to Turkey to obtain a degree in Economics from Ankara University.  He then returned to Iran and married in 1971. After the disbandment of Baha’i administration in Iran, he was among the friends in charge of the affairs of the Baha’i community.  He was arrested in 1987 and imprisoned with four other believers.  They were arrested during a meeting and imprisoned for 57 days before being released.

On 17 March 1992 he went to the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s office to renew bail. As he did not return the family went to the Prosecutor’s office the next day to inquire about him. They were told to return on 5 April 1992.  When they returned on that date, the authorities handed his will and his glasses to the family and announced that he had been executed, without disclosing the date of the execution.  His will was dated 18 March 1992, but the death certificate was dated 17 March.  His body was not returned to the family and his burial site was never divulged to them.


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