Bahman Dehghani

Born: 3 January 1941, Mohammadiyeh, Najafabad, Isfahan

Murdered in Mohammadiyeh, Najafabad, Isfahan on 19th November 1983


Bahman Dehghani was born into a Baha’i family. He was a farmer and owned his own farm.

On 19 November 1983 his home was attacked by a mob armed with pickaxes, shovels, stones and sticks. His car was destroyed, and kerosene was splashed on the doors and windows of his house and set ablaze. His family were home at the time. A Muslim friend helped his wife and 6 of the children escape through the roof and returned to assist him and his 17-year-old son. Then as he exited his home he was attacked by some men in the courtyard. Thinking they had killed him the crowd dispersed. He was however still alive and taken to the nearest hospital where he died soon after.  His body was laid to rest according to Baha’i law by his family in the Baha’i cemetery of Najafabad.


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