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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adopted from website:] Bahaiyyat

[Date:] 9 Tir 1389 [30 June 2010]


The Baha’is Have Publicly Expanded Their Activities

The representative of the supreme leader in East Azerbaijan [Mojtahed Shabestari] said, “The perverse Baha’i sect has publicly expanded its activities and has infiltrated various places.”

He stated, “Information is available that this sect has expanded its activities and dares to arrogantly express itself with no shame.”

Ayatollah Mojtahed Shabestari added, “Some of these people declare themselves to be Baha’is when they enrol in schools or for employment in offices, and, of course, some others have secretly infiltrated various centres.”

He emphasised, “The celebration of special days, such as the glorious mid-Sha’ban, is more and more a blow to this misguided sect, which has become much more active lately”.

The representative of the supreme leader in East Azerbaijan, referring to the role of the Baha’is in the events of 1388 [2009/2010], said, “In addition to their activities in the current situation, during the sedition of 1388 [2009/2010], in addition to those deceived internally, the Baha’is were also present.”

Ayatollah Mojtahed Shabestari stated, The purpose of these activities is to weaken the revolution, and, to make them eat their hearts out, more and more glorious mid-Sha’ban programmes will be held.”

The task of those waiting is to prepare the ground for [the Imam’s] Emergence

The representative of the supreme leader in East Azerbaijan, referring to the duties of those awaiting [the emergence of the Imam], emphasised, “The duties of those waiting are not just to sit still, but a real waiting person should provide the conditions and grounds for Emergence.”

He added, “The true waiting persons have a special place in Islam, and of course the duties of real waiting persons are to prepare the ground for Emergence.”

The Friday imam of Tabriz pointed out, “We must reform ourselves and our families, fulfil the duty of ‘enjoining the good and forbidding the evil’ as much as possible, and in this case, and in circumstances in which we have prepared ourselves, we must wait for Emergence.”

Ayatollah Mojtahed Shabestari considered holding the birthday celebrations for His Holiness Mahdi (May God hasten His Emergence) as one of the preparatory measures for Emergence and said, “Of course, it should be noted that the birthday celebrations should not be turned into enjoyment and fun gatherings, but should be approved by His Holiness Mahdi (May God hasten His Emergence).”