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[Adapted from website:] Bahaism News

[Date:] 1 Khordad 1389 [22 May 2010]


Giving Official Recognition to the Perverse Baha’i Sect

A study of the political, economic, social and cultural developments of contemporary Iran shows that the colonialist elements have always tried to destroy the religious and national identities of the Iranians by strengthening the deviant and perverse Baha’i sect. During the Iranian constitutional movement, the cooperation of the perverse Baha’i sect with the Russians and Mohammad-Ali Shah will never be forgotten for the sake of Iranian modernists. While the land of Iran was under the influence of foreigners, the Baha’i sect chanted the slogan of “cosmopolitanism”, and in order to serve the sinister goals of foreigners, two important elements of Iran’s identity, which were Islam and patriotism, were challenged, the first with the version of abrogation of Islam and the second with the slogan of forming a world government.

But what needs to be taken into account today is that the perverse Baha’i sect is seriously encouraging its propagators to bridge this gap between itself and Iranian society. It is worth mentioning that today, the current of sedition since the tenth presidential election has become a tool for the perverse Baha’i sect. Today, in the words of the Baha’is themselves, “the reformists have shifted the Baha’i community in Iran from the margins to the centre of gravity of contemporary thought”, and the seditionists have “accepted the Baha’is as members of Iranian civil society.” But the goals of the Baha’i organization through the sect of sedition are the following:

1. The issue of Baha’ism should be removed from the agenda of marja-i-taqlid [sources of religious authorities and the clergy].

2. The grounds for accepting the Baha’i community as a member of Iranian civil society should be provided.

3. The issue of Baha’ism should be removed from the agenda of the intelligence-security system and become a purely cultural and social issue.

4. Eliminate the historical background of the Baha’is who served the colonialists and turn them into ordinary citizens.

5. Today, one of the important goals of the Baha’i organization through the sect of sedition within the Iranian society is to enter into the issues of human rights and citizenship rights, which is currently the only way for the Baha’i community of Iran to enter the civil society of Iran, and it is precisely in this direction that the role of people like Shirin Ebadi is highlighted.

6. Another important principle of the Baha’i organization is that it is not necessary for the Iranian people to become Baha’is in the early stages, but it is enough to accept the Baha’is alongside other members of Iranian society.

Today, the current sedition seems like the hidden layers of the Baha’i organization, which means supporting them under the pretext of human rights and religious freedom.