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[Adapted from website:] Bahaism in Iran

[Date:] 25 Shahrivar 1396 [16 September 2017]


Why Is Ahmad Montazeri Trying to Be in the Headlines of the Media in the Worst Possible Way?

Bahaism in Iran – Some time ago, one of the Baha’i sect’s publications, by publishing a conversation with Ahmad Montazeri, the son of Ayatollah Montazeri, tried to induce Hussein-Ali Montazeri to become a supporter of the perverse Baha’i sect. In recent years, he had become a favorite marja’-i-taqlid[1] for the enemies of the people and the Iranian Revolution. But why did Montazeri, the son, behave in such a way?

The fact that Mr. Ahmad Montazeri is trying to make headlines in the media in the worst possible way is a separate issue, but why he chooses the worst way for his behaviour is a matter for reflection.

After the death of his father, [Montazeri, the son] took an audiotape from him and disseminated it without considering the consequences―perhaps with the view that it would acquit [his] father of his affiliation with the Revolution and its ideals, and of course, as usual, get the enemies’ attention by making a gesture of opposition to the regime. This, in turn, became costly to the regime.

But now our case is the issue of Baha’ism. Mr. Montazeri the younger, [should have] thought a little before showing these behaviours. Two possibilities should be considered in this regard:

First: This behaviour is his personal perception and his views are in the field of the Islamic Revolution and the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of the fact that he is the son of a father who was one of the companions of the late imam in the formation of this regime. In accepting this view, God willing, the Almighty will provide him with health in body and soul. So far, there is no problem and it is tolerable considering he is a person like all those who oppose the regime, from the old to the upstarts.

Second: This behaviour is undertaken with specific guidance and with a specific purpose. It cannot be well accepted that Mr. Montazeri was not aware of his father’s view of the perverse Baha’i sect, and if he said anything, he has been unaware and uninformed. No problem with Ayatollah Montazeri’s position, but the son’s behaviour cannot be ignored because of what he attributes to his father, and it is completely contrary to his view.

If the judiciary had [taken] a strong approach to the first accusation in this regard, due to the illusion of Mr. Ahmad Montazeri, the second, third or other issues might not have arisen. The ideals of the Revolution and the views of those like Ahmad Montazeri are basically far from each other and do not and will not have any harmony with each other. We just do not know what this gentleman will do with the martyrdom of his brother in the path of this regime and revolution.

These days, in order to be in the headlines of the media and to be noticed, Ahmad Montazeri is even willing to distort his father’s past, so that he may be praised by traitors who do not attract any misguided sects; therefore, it is better not to hope for Islamic sympathy for this type of human being.



[1] [Marja‘-i-Taqlid: Religious Jurisprudence Authority]