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In the Name of God

Central Committee

Islamic Revolution of Iran


Number: 4378

Date: 29/2/1358 [19 May 1979]


Islamic Revolution Provisional Committee of Mahallat


Enclosed you will find a complaint from residents of Gorgan in the region of Mahallat County, describing ongoing attacks on their lives and properties because they are Baha’is.  You are directed to immediately arrange for a team to be dispatched to the area to investigate the matter carefully and accurately and to stop the occurrence of these attacks.  The Supreme Leader has repeatedly and clearly stated that [the members of] religious minorities are under the protection of Islam and under no circumstances does any individual or group have any right to harass or insult them without excuse [have any right to interfere with such minorities without proper legal grounds].  Please report the outcome of your action in writing to the Central Committee.


The Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani

[Stamp and signature]


Address: Baharestan, The National Consultative Assembly, Phone: 310000 310019