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[Newspaper] Bours

[Date:] 6 Shahrivar 1358 [28 August 1979]

[Issue No.:] 4372

The Baha’is – Shapur Bakhtiyar - Jamshid Amouzgar and Sha’ban Jafari, Are Busy With Revolutionary Activities in Europe.
Ayatollah Hussein Nouri, the special representative of the imam in Europe, who has been traveling in the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg for two months to study the status and the problems of the Iranian students, following his return to the country, submitted the report of his mission during a meeting with Imam Khomeini in Qom. 

Ayatollah Nouri, in an exclusive interview with a reporter of the Pars News Agency in Qom about his trip to Europe, referring to the majority of the Iranian students living in Europe and the necessity of knowing about their academic and life circumstances—and who, during and following the Islamic Revolution, have echoed the voice of the Iranian nation to the world’s ear—[commented] that, because of these circumstances, the imam sent a representative to Europe to establish closer communication and investigate the problems and difficulties of these students and other groups who are in different posts and positions and whose hearts are in Iran.

Ayatollah Nouri then criticized the high salaries of the diplomats and the leasing of expensive luxury buildings for the members of the Iranian diplomatic corps and embassies abroad. About the counter-revolutionary plots in Europe he said, “Some of the counter-revolutionaries, criminals and agents of the former regime, who are inspired by the colonial powers, have fled abroad; unfortunately, with utmost ease, they hold meetings against the Iranian revolution and engage in plotting and instigation. Even Baha’is in the city of Perugia, one of the cities of Italy, in addition to holding meetings, demonstrate against the revolution of Iran and the leader of the revolution. At present, Shahpour Bakhtiyar is in Paris with his people, Jamshid Amouzgar is in Austria, and Sha’ban Jafari lives in Hamburg. Action must be taken so that these criminals, whose arms are covered by the blood of the oppressed nation of Iran and have not yet been subjected to Islamic justice, will at least not be permitted to operate against the Islamic revolution.