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Ministry of Post, Telegram and Telephone

Telegram; from Isfahan to [Tehran]

 Number: 517

Original date 3 Khordad [24 May]

 Date received: 4 Khordad 1323  [25 May 1944]


Mr. Prime Minister, copies to the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of War, the National Police Force, and the Gendarmerie

On behalf of the Baha’is living in Shahreza, we convey that a group of corruptors has encouraged people to offend, insult, and throw stones [at us]. Most recently they completely burned down the door of our house and filled in the wells that we had dug in our property. Several meetings were organized, headed by Mr. Haj Saraj, Imam Jomeh, Haj Hassan Kasaib and others, and decisions were made to identify, kill and rob us. On the first day of Khordad [22 May], about 500 people assembled with the intention to cause uproar and to murder and pillage us. Through the efforts of the governor and the police, they were dispersed, but they did not give up. For two days, they have even barred us from access to bread and food, meaning that they have warned the shopkeepers to refrain from selling us goods. Our lives and assets and our children are in imminent danger if […]


[Margin:] Telegram the governorate.

8 Khordad [29May]


[Stamp on top of the page:]


4 Khordad 1323 [25 May 1944]