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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Bureau of Public Inquiries and Complaints


Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the President






Dear Sir/Madam                      

A number of Baha’is

Greetings; praised be God, His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His kin. We are grateful to the pious, loyal and intelligent people of Isfahan, who, true to their record, demonstrated a gleaming and memorable welcome to the esteemed president and his team during his third visit. This is to inform you that your letter to the Office of the President, Bureau of Public Inquiries and Complaints, was received and subsequent to initial review, it was forwarded to the relevant office for follow up. Given that the process of reviewing letters and further investigation will take time, you are advised to check with the central office within 20 days after the receipt of this letter in order to pursue your case. All requests will be attended to in accordance with the rules and regulations with full legal discretion.


Registration number:  [redacted]


Related office:  Deputy Governor General for Bureau of Technical and Civil Engineering



Adel Mohammadian

Director of Public Communications and Travels




For further information please call ………..



Isfahan [contact details]