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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force


Office: Intelligence

Section: Two

Date: 1 Azar 1322 [23 November 1943]

Number: 12540

Enclosure -----

Subject: -----



Ministry of the Interior

[This is to] respectfully inform you that based on the reports received from relevant police departments, since a while ago a number of Baha’i families have [been relocating] to the cities of Amol, Mahmoud Abad (Mazandaran), Shahreza of Isfahan, Ardebil, Azarshahr, Mamaqan, and Oskou, and are busy with agriculture and other occupations. Meanwhile, they propagate [their religion] amongst the local residents.

According to the report received from the Tabriz police, Baha’is that live in Azarshahr have held propagation meetings at the residence of Seyyed Kazim Nabavi, also a Baha’i. The inhabitants of Azarshahr are unhappy, and daily conflict exists between the parties. Although the police are watchful of the situation and perpetrators are prosecuted, the police are of the opinion that their stay is not advisable and in accordance with the condition of the inhabitants. Therefore, the Tabriz police force has been instructed to take necessary action, in consultation with the provincial government, in order to prevent any turmoil and disorder until your directives have arrived.

Head of the National Police Force - Colonel Seif

[Signed:] [Illegible]


[Handwritten notes at top of letter:] Background files - Political

[Stamp:] Recorded in the confidential ledger of the Ministry of the Interior, number 1973, dated 13 Azar 1322 [5 December 1943] to be reported


[Handwritten notes at the bottom of letter:] Mr. [illegible], compile contents of all reports and cables received to prepare a report for submission to the minister, requesting his instructions. [For] Archives

[Stamp of the archives (at top):] 6306 – 30 Azar [1322] [22 December 1943]