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In memorandum number: ------ dated: ------, an order was given to take severe action regarding the agents and employees of that ministry who are spreading propaganda against the official religion of the country or the national government, and, in case of further violations, to act according to the rule of law. Based on the information we have received, it appears that, in some departments, some of the employees have been released from service solely based on their being Baha’is, and without proof that they have violated Article 8 of the Law of Employment. We emphatically remind you that religious belief on its own cannot be a cause for being dismissed from service, and as long as the Baha’is follow the regulations of Article 8 of the Law of Employment, they should in no way be objected to. In addition, in order to prevent extremism in carrying out the contents of the above-mentioned Memorandum, it is necessary that you issue an immediate binding order that any time they want to fire [dismiss] an agent or employee of the government based on allegations of violation of Article 8 of the Law of Employment, they must first report the situation with sufficient documentation to the Office of the Prime Minister.