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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Department of Rural Cooperation


In the Name of God


[Number:] [Illegible]

[Date:] 22 Khordad 1366 [12 June 1987]

Enclosure ------


Rural Cooperative of Shahid Hejazi


Subject: The Baha’i sect




We hereby inform you that the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Abbasabad, in letter number 124/65/1/2798, dated 19 Khordad 1366 [9 June 1987], has announced that the individuals who belong to the perverse Baha’i sect cannot be employed for service and membership in the Co-op.  Therefore, we request that you, while identifying these types of individuals, take action to expel them and cancel their membership, and inform this department of the results.0/0 /3/21


Success is bestowed by God


Rural Cooperative of Tonekabon


Haji Abbasi [Signature]

Islami [Signature]