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10 Tir 1334 [2 July 1955]

Respected Ministry of the Interior,

If thou causest hardship on people,

Life will cause hardship on thee,

Since in the judgement of the heavens,

There is neither mistake nor error


[The following is] respectfully submitted:

As has been mentioned through our almost 200 ineffective and futile letters to the relevant authorities, a number of ignoble rascals,[who are] residents of Koushkak, with the incitement and support of Kaka Karimi and Mohammad-Mehdi Samimi, both employees of the Department of Education, and others, such as Allah-Qoli Karimi and Abbas Agahi, plundered, beat and burned 15 houses of 21 families of peasants—women and men—who used to live in a very unfavourable and calamitous way, in the afternoon of 7 Khordad 1334 [29 May 1955], from 5:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening, in the presence of the armed garrison of Koushkak and the head of the gendarmerie of Abadeh, with disastrous and shameless behaviour, to the point where every observing eye and listening ear of the spectators has been agitated and they would curse the perpetrators of such savagery and every sensible person would regret and question for what reason the government had taken sides with these oppressors and is not prosecuting those guilty of such despicable actions.

As in the past, upon the occurrence of the slightest event, relevant actions would be taken immediately; but now, after the passing of one month from that sinister incident, we have not received any help, nor has any action taken place. In any case, as it is well known, in the past, any letter with the indication of “urgent” on the envelope would have been taken to his late Imperial Majesty. The just king had been perplexed by this indication and asked, “Is there any un-urgent matter in my country?” [Therefore,] at present, the meaning of lack of attention and ignoring these unfortunate incidents, and where that is coming from, is not understood.

Certainly, if the governor of Abadeh had not summoned these people in person and by the force of the spear had not severely reproached and rebuked them in the presence of a number of rascals, forcing them to recant, or the if head of finance of the time, by his instigations, had not openly given speeches in the pulpits against a number of innocent Baha’is, then  a number of thugs and rascals—who make their living every day by unlawful ways—would certainly not have had the courage to commit such degrading actions, which were indeed destroying the masses of the public and the Constitution of the country. Yet it should be said, “With such decadence and regret, woe to the fate of every Iranian!”

O king, O government, you the authorities, you the chiefs and you the judges of justice! For how long will you sit calmly? You are not disturbed by the conditions of these bereaved and sore-hearted ones? It is not your fault, since you are living in the glorious skyscrapers and are enjoying the most delicious food. Your bodies are not naked, neither are your bellies unfed and hollow. Do you think that God Almighty will not take all these powers away from you? Are there not any questions for you to respond to in the eternity? Look after our deeply vexed and bleeding hearts. Tell these non-Muslim rascals: “The country has laws, and there is a limit for [in]justice”.

Although no attention will be paid to our submissions, yet after one month, we plead for a hearing.

The inhabitants of the plundered and burnt houses of the Village of Koushkak.

On behalf of all:

Mashallah Tashakkor


Reza Tashakkor,

Ne’matollah Tashakkor.



Number: 31041

Date: 17 Tir 1334 [9 July 1955]


[Handwritten notes, numbers and dates]


2 Mordad 1334 [25 July 1955]


4552 [illegible]

18 Tir 1334 [10 July 1955]


[Illegible] 31041 /45

21 Tir 1334 [13 July 1955]


Head of the Office, the answer submitted is on the returned letter, indicating that the appointed group did arrive, carefully investigated, and the case is being discussed in court.

2 Mordad [25 July]




To be sent to the Governorate of Abadeh, after having investigated the case, return this same letter with actions taken and results.

On behalf of the Minister of the Interior, Dadkhah