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In the Name of God 

Date: 3 Mordad 1390 [25 July 2011]


The Honourable Governor of Mazandaran, Mr. Tahaei

One year has passed since the incident of the fire and the levelling of residential houses and the destruction of cattle, haybarns and animal food of the Baha’is of the Village of Ivel, and the case of this inhuman, illegal and uncivilized act has not yet been completed.

This case has been under investigation by the esteemed judge of the General Court of the City of Kiasar, in the centre of the District of Chahardangeh Hezarjarib, and the preliminary investigation to identify the culprits was carried out by the esteemed officers of Poshtkuh Police Station, located in Telma Darreh. Then, by order of the esteemed judge of the court, the continuation of the investigation was referred to the security department of the police in Sari.

Now that the case is over, the honourable judge is examining this case. Of course, whatever the outcome of this case may be, it cannot provide adequate compensation for the material, spiritual and emotional damages to its survivors, but at least the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of this incident can be a factor in preventing the recurrence of such acts. Considering the extensive dimension of this tragedy, would not the duration of one year be sufficient to identify the perpetrators and causes of this incident?

Although this incident took place 27 years after expelling us, the farmers of Ivel, during all these years, have always undertaken, under the supervision of the court and the police station, to plant, treat and harvest our agricultural products, and have always resorted to the law for our lost rights. Even now, with the loss of the remnants of life in this village, we are still emotionally, spiritually and psychologically attached to the water and clay of our land and consider it the natural right of every human being. Therefore, it is requested that, according to the required goals set for His Excellency’s position and that of your esteemed colleagues, you help us in obtaining our lost rights.

God, the Most Merciful of Merciful Ones, makes His grace and blessing subject to the good deeds of his servants. God willing, Your Excellency and your esteemed colleagues will receive such a bounty with [your] God-pleasing action.

With Utmost Respect

The farmers of Ivel Village

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[Illegible] The Governorate of Mazandaran Province

Number: 1/50756

Date: 4 Mordad 1390 [26 July 2011]


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SH. P. 90/155 Kiasar Court