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29 Mehr 1391 [20 October 2012]


The Honourable Judge of the City of Kiasar

We wish to respectfully inform that esteemed authority that, as you are aware, in accordance with the previous practices, we, the Baha’i farmers of the [Village of] Ivel, used to cultivate and harvest our arable lands annually within a short period of time, through a letter of protection and safeguard from that honourable court, which was addressed to the Poshtkuh (Telma Darreh) police station and in coordination with the police force. This year, on 21 Shahrivar 1391 [11 September 2012], we took action [for cultivation] with the permission of that esteemed court, but this time, the Poshtkuh police demanded that the cultivation be stopped and that a new order be issued by the court. By referring to the court, you ordered, “If you own the land, go to your land and start planting. Should anyone come and disturb you, you should inform the court.” Therefore, on Wednesday, 26 Mehr 1391 [17 October 2012], we went to the field with two tractors and the necessary amount of seeds. Two men from the Village of Ivel, by the names of Seyyed Javad Derakhshan and Nad-Ali Fallahpour, came and threatened us [saying], “Leave the land as soon as possible, otherwise, unfortunate consequences await you.”

Considering that we, the displaced farmers, [demonstrate] absolute obedience to the laws of the country and obey its orders, we first informed the esteemed officials of the relevant police station, and over there, we prepared a report of the incident. Today, we came into your presence to receive the necessary guidance and instructions. We expect nothing more than the implementation of fair laws.

With gratitude to that honourable judge,

Ghavamoddin Sabetian [signature], Derakhshan [signature], Behnam Rowhani [signature], Changiz Jazbani [signature], Mahmoud Piri [signature], Hosein Sabetian Iveli [signature], Nejatollah Laghaei [signature], Farajollah Jazbani [signature], Hojjatollah Kheradmand [signature]

[And a few other illegible signatures]