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10 Esfand 1368 [1 March 1990]


The Honourable [illegible] Governorate of Mazandaran Province, City of Sari

We are Baha’i farmers who have been expelled from our ancestral home in the Village of Ivel in the Chahardangeh District of Kiasar, who have been going door to door for the past six years, wandering from city to city, for a piece of bread for a living. We have repeatedly complained to the competent authorities and we have referred to the mentioned place several times [subsequent to] the issuance of the rulings through the court and the esteemed prosecutor’s office of the province, asking for permission to settle and occupy our lands, which, unfortunately, have been faced with lack of care and attention of the esteemed authorities.

In this regard, a while ago, we referred to the former esteemed governor with a petition and a lawsuit. He issued an order and gave some instructions to the governorate; so far, it has not yielded any results and these helpless, oppressed people are still confused and wandering, so we are disturbing your honourable time again. We desperately request that esteemed and just authority, who has supported and sympathized with the farmers and working class, to pay attention and compel the respected authorities to take urgent and decisive measures  to enforce the ruling, so we can be saved from this misery and homelessness and return to our homes and exploit our arable lands―all of which we have developed with arduous work and tremendous sacrifice and have established with our heart’s blood―and to prevent the destruction of our homes and allow us to live in the comfort of the Islamic government, like other Iranian individuals and citizens, in complete comfort and well-being, and let us be saved from this hardship and homelessness and pray for your wellbeing.

With utmost respect

The Baha’i Farmers of Ivel,

[The signature of Baha’i farmers of Ivel]


[Handwritten note in margin of page 1:]

In the Name of God. The Political Bureau – Report the letter to the honourable District Office of Chahardangeh so that the rules may be followed.

Mr. Sharifi

20 Esfand 1368 [11 March 1990]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of page 1:]

Governorate Office

17004 - 20 Esfand 1368 [11 March 1990]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of page 2:]

In the Name of God

The Governorate of the City of Sari – Brother Sharifi

With Greetings,

The governor has already requested an investigation. Please instruct to be reviewed and the result should be confidentially reflected to me, along with Your Honour’s opinion.