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Zamzam Joint Stock Company of Shiraz

Property of the Mostazafan Foundation




Number 3963

Date: 30/9/1360 [21 December 1981]


In the Name of God


To: Zamzam Company - Khuzestan

From: Zamzam Company of Shiraz

Subject: Expulsion of Baha’i Workers

Subsequent to the guidance program for Baha’is which was organized by the Islamic Association, the following individuals were adamant about remaining in the perverse Baha’i sect under any circumstances.  Therefore, from this date, 1/10/1360 [22 December 1981], they have no position in the company and their employment is terminated.  Please take the necessary action to finalize their terminations.

1 - Gholam-Hosein Haghdoust

2 - Avaz Rezaei

3 - Haji Taleb-Pour

4 - Neamatollah Jamal-Reza

5 - Abdolvahab Salmanpour

6 - Abdollah Jaberi

7 - Abdollah Jaberi

8 - Ahmad Jaberi

9 - Amrollah Talebi

10 - Hasan Siadat

11 - Hedayatollah Ranjbar

12 - Ebrahim Jamali


Managing Director -  Mehrzad Sotoudeh

[Signature over official stamp]

Joint Stock Company of Zamzam - Shiraz, Property of the Mostazafan Foundation

Registered Number 580


Copy: Labour and Social Affairs Head Office - Fars Province

Central Zamzam Office

Public Relations Office of the Zamzam Group

Mostazafan Foundation - Company Affairs

Personnel Department - for information and action

Company Guards - to prevent entry of the named persons [to the premises] effective 1/10/1360 [22 December 1981]

Cooperative Credit Company - for information and final settlement


[Handwritten note, number and date at the margin of the page]

Number 4/194

Date: 11/11/1360 [31 January 1982]


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