[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets.]

[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]



[Date:] Monday, 29 Azar 1361 [20 December 1982], 4 Rabi’al-Awwal 1403

[Issue No.:] 11752


Restructuring of Human Resources

Preliminary Board

Branch number (1) - Tehran

In the Name of God

Ministry of Oil


25266 - M A

Second Round Notice


We hereby notify the individuals [listed] below for the last time to present themselves to the address below, within one week from the date of posting this advertisement; refer to the following address:

Tehran – Karim Khan Zand Boulevard – National Petrochemical Company.

Should you not present yourself within the provided time frame, the committee will review the matter in absentia and will announce the result.

1- Mr. Amir Abbas Movaffagh [son of] Ali-Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

2- Mr. Jahangir Khazali Ardestani [son of] Abdollah, ID number [redacted]

3- Mr. Jamshid Ghazanfari [son of] Hedayatollah, ID number [redacted]

4- Mr. Tarazollah Owhadi [son of] Mohammad-Ebrahim, ID number [redacted]

5- Mr. Ataollah Eghbali [son of] Karbalaei Abdol-Karim, ID number [redacted]

6- Mr. Derakhshandeh Eshraghian [son of] Nematollah, ID number [redacted]

7- Mr. Ali-Mohammad Azami [son of] Jalal, ID number [redacted]

8- Mr. Enaytollah Eshraghi [son of] Yadollah, ID number [redacted]

9- Mr. Sohrab Baghaie [son of] Nasser, ID number [redacted]

10- Mr. Nasrollah Bozorgzad [son of] Ali, ID number [redacted]

11- Mr. Abdol-Karim Bazgir [son of] Mohammad-Sadegh, ID number [redacted]

12- Mr. Hedayatollah Behjat [son of] Gol-Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

13- Mr. Nayyer Bolouri, ID number [redacted

14- Mr. Fathollah Baghaie [son of] Mahmoud, ID number [redacted]

15- Mr. Zabihollah Baba-Mohammadi Esfandiari [son of] Ahmad, ID number [redacted]

16- Mr. Jahangir Pirmoradian [son of] of Yahya, ID number [redacted]

17- Mrs. Irandokht Piroozmandi [daughter of] Abdol-Hosein, ID number [redacted]

18- Mrs. Sorour Javanmardi [daughter of] Kaykhosrow, ID number [redacted]

19- [Blank space]

20- Mrs. Sorour Haghighi Najafabadi [daughter of] Farajollah, ID number [redacted]

21- Mrs. Parichehr Khoshbin [daughter of] Yousef, ID number [redacted]

22- Mrs. Rouhangiz Khodavandi Yazdi [daughter of] Rashid, ID number [redacted]

23- Mr. Behjatollah Saadati [son of] Reza, ID number [redacted]

24- Mrs. Zohreh Mazkoori [daughter of] Mehraban, ID number [redacted

25- Mr. Hasan Azami Oskouei [son of] Yousef, ID number [redacted]

26- Mrs. Manijeh Ettehadieh [daughter of] Habibollah ID number [redacted]

27- Mr. Seyyed Javad Dana [son of] Seyyed Ali, ID number [redacted]

28- Mr. Houshang Sabetian [son of] Sohail, ID number [redacted]

29- Mr. Biyouck Rezaie Oskouei [son of] Mohammad-Hasan, ID number [redacted]

30- Mr. Farhang Rowshan-Zamir [son of] Hedayatollah, ID number [redacted]

31- Mr. Manouchehr Rowhani [son of] Ali-Akbar, ID number [redacted]

32- Mr. Naser Sholehpak [son of] Mohammad-Ali, ID number [redacted]

33- Mr. Yousef Qesiani [son of] Mohammad-Ebrahim, ID number [redacted]

34- Mr. Ali Ghafourpour [son of] Mohammad-Kazem, ID number [redacted]

35- [Blank space]

36- Mr. Nooshzad Farzin [son of] Noor-Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

37- Mr. Habibollah Fanaian [son of] Ali, ID number [redacted]

38- Mr. Mahmoud Forouhar [son of] Shokrollah, ID number [redacted]

39- Mrs. Mahdokht Modir Moghaddam [daughter of] Hedayatollah, ID number [redacted]

40- Mrs. Parvindokht Modrek Najafabdi [daughter of] Ali, ID number [redacted]

41- Mr. Badiollah Noor [son of] Ezzatollah, ID number [redacted]

42- [Blank space]

43- Mr. Mahmoud Noori [son of] Hosein, ID number [redacted]

44- Mr. Shoaollah Nikanpour [son of] Mohammad-Ebrahim, ID number [redacted]

45- Mr. Ataollah Niroo [son of] Nader, ID number [redacted]

46- Mr. Mohammad Tahoori [son of] Mohammad-Reza, ID number [redacted]

47- Mr. Baghaollh Bagheri [son of] Amir, ID number [redacted]

48- Mr. Nosratollah Tebyani Fard [son of] Babollah, ID number [redacted]

49- Mr. Ataollah Azami [son of] Shaban-Ali, ID number [redacted]

50- Mr. Mohammad-Mehdi Shakeri Shemirani [son of] Khalil, ID number [redacted]

51- Mr. Kouchak-Ali Limouchi Deleh [son of] Shami-Ali, ID number [redacted]

52- Mr. Amir Salehi Masjed Soleimani [son of] Haydar, ID number [redacted]

53- Mrs. Fatemeh Sadat Shafie [daughter of] Reza, ID number[redacted]

54- Mr. Mohammad-Reza Sayyad [son of] Mahmoud, ID number [redacted]

55- Mr. Naser Rahimi [son of] Danial, ID number [redacted]

56- Mr. Ardeshir Elahi [son] Esmail, ID number [redacted]

57- Mr. Faramarz Eghrari [son of] Rahmatollah, ID Number [redacted]

58- Mr. Hamid Shayesteh [son of] Hadi, ID number [redacted]

59- Mr. Shokrollah Sabet Sarvestani [son of] Ali-Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

60- Mr. Jahanpour Dabiri [son of] Mahmoud, ID number [redacted]

61- Mr. Azizollah Sadeghpour [son of] Mirza Agha, ID number [redacted]

62- Mr. Hasan Sanei Khansari [son of] Reza, ID number [redacted]

63- Mr. Jalal Nouri [son of] Masih, ID number [redacted]

64- Mr. Dianatollah Yazdani [son of] Mohammad-Karim, ID number [redacted]

65- Mr. Mehdi Deljoui [son of] Saadollah, ID number [redacted]

66- [Blank space]

67- Mr. Shahrokh Pirmoradi [son of] Nasrallah, ID number [redacted]

68- Mr. Hersel Torbati [son of] Azizollah, ID number [redacted]

69- Mrs. Shahla Akhlaghi Monfared [daughter of] Bahaoddin, ID number [redacted]

70- Mr. Sohrab Shakib [son of] Azizollah, ID number [redacted]

71- Mr. Houshang Safaipour [son of] Azizollah, ID number [redacted]

72- Mr. Yousef Mostaghim [son of] Rafaeel, ID number [redacted]

73- Badiollah Nafisi Yazdi [son of] Loghman, ID number [redacted]

74- Mrs. Mehrbanou Najmi [daughter of] Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

75- Mr. Farhang Mazidi Sharafabadi [son of] Nasrollah, ID number [redacted]

76- Mr. Ardeshir Marzbani [son of] Sohrab, ID number [redacted]

77- Mr. Mansour Mokhtari [son of] Ali, ID number [redacted]

78- Mr. Mohammad-Taghi Mostowfi [son of] Jafar, ID number [redacted]

79- [Blank space]

80- Mr. Mahmoud Fathizadeh [son of] Hasan, ID number [redacted]

81- Mr. Mohammad-Bagher Sadeghi [son of] Sheikh Hasan, ID number [redacted]

82- Mr. Khosrow Hormoz [son of] Mehraban, ID number [redacted]

83- Mrs. Elahe Samimi [daughter of] Jalal, ID number [redacted]

84- Mr. Hosein Sharifi [son of] Mohammad-Sharif, ID number [redacted]

85- Mrs. Sedigheh Shahrabi Farahani [daughter of] Ali, ID number [redacted]

86- Mr. Abdol-Hosein Shomali [son of] Ali, ID number [redacted

87- Mr. Ahmad-Ali Shoja [son of] Mohammad-Hosein, ID number [redacted]

88- Mrs. Akhtar Seifi Haghshenas [daughter of] Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

89- Mr. Serrollah Seifi Haghshenas [son of] Mohammad, ID number [redacted]

90- Mr. Hosain Zaki [son of] Abbas, ID number [redacted]

91- Mr. Sirous Zargarpour [son of] Yousef, ID number [redacted]

92- Mr. Mohammad Roayaie Ardakani [son of] Reza, ID number [redacted]

93- Mr. Naser Rahmani [son of] Shokrollah, ID number [redacted]

94- Mr. Fereidoun Jazayeri [son of] Seyyed Hamid, ID number [redacted]

95- Mr. Mohammad-Sharif Khaman [son of] of Yahya, ID number [redacted]

96- Mr. Habibollah Darouie [son of] Najaf, ID number [redacted]

97- Mrs. Nahid Bassari [daughter of] Asadollah, ID number [redacted]

98- Mrs. Farkhondeh Imani [daughter of] Mohammad-Bagher, ID number [redacted]

99- Mr. Parviz Dabiri Farahani [son of] Mahmoud, ID number [redacted]

100- Mrs. Maryam Anvari [daughter of] Saeed, ID number [redacted]

101- Mr. Farzin Afsahi [son of] Rahmatollah, ID number [redacted]

102- Mr. Ali Absangarof [son of] Gholam-Hosein, ID number [redacted]

103- Mr. Reza-Gholi Rezaie [son of] Farah, ID number [redacted]