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National Consultative Assembly [of Iran]

Number: 7074

Date: 22 Aban 1329 [13 November 1950]

Copy of telegram number 330, 21 Aban [12 November]

[From:] Haghighat and others, from Boroujen



Regarding the demonstration of a small group of Baha’is with the support of Captain Hakami [or Hokmi], the head of the gendarmerie of Borujen, although I complained to the gendarmerie regiment in Isfahan, unfortunately, they did not pay any attention until, by conspiracy of the mentioned captain and the endeavours of the Baha’is, it led to disturbances.

I earnestly request you to prevent the unrighteous officers so that the Muslims are not blamed for the wrongdoings.


Copy is identical to the original

On behalf of the Head of the Department of the Secretariat of Parliament