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15 Aban 1389 [6 November 2010]


In the Name of God

The Honourable Judge of the General Court of Kiasar

With greetings and respect,

As we have previously disturbed your precious time regarding the autumn planting of our arable lands, and Your Honour has provided the necessary instructions to the police station of Telma Darreh, we would like to inform you of the following. 

Since the rainfall had prepared the land for sowing the seeds, as in previous years, [when we went to plant], with our prepared seeds and fertilizer in the company of the driver of the tractor, the driver told us  that the Islamic Council of Ivel Village would prevent us from planting our arable lands. As in previous years, please ensure the provision of security for us, the farmers, through the police station, and also direct the driver of the tractor to cooperate with us, so that the planting work can be done amicably and peacefully.  Please, as in previous years. God willing, it will be a source of goodness and blessings.

We sincerely thank and appreciate the cooperation of that honourable official.

With respectful regards,

The farmers of the Village of Ivel

[The names and signature of farmers of Village of Ivel]


[The Court Order on the back of the letter]

In the Name of God

Inform the esteemed command of the relevant checkpoint so that they can take the necessary legal action in accordance with the previous years and provide the necessary assistance.

15 Aban 1389 [6 November 2010]