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National Consultative Assembly

Office of the Secretariat

Number: 6303

Date: 19 Mehr 1331 [11 October 1952]

Copy of the letter of Isa Taheri and a few other people 

Telegram: 1268, [dated:] 17 Mehr 1331 [9 October 1952] from: Kerman


After the Introduction,

Some of the insurgents have set fire to and plundered a number of houses, farms and properties in Rafsanjan. We have reported the incident to the gendarmerie and other legal authorities of Rafsanjan and Kerman, yet the authorities considered it inappropriate to prosecute the insurgents. In conclusion, because the government authorities are not capable of maintaining security in the area, we are pleading with His Excellency [the Speaker of] the National Consultative Assembly not to overlook justice.


The copy is as the original.

On behalf of the Head of the Secretariat of the National Consultative Assembly [signature]