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11/12/ [1363] [2 March 1985]

In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Trade Union Council, Sari


[Number:] 4055

[Date:] 23 Mehr 63 [15 October 1984]


Respectfully, as a number of your Baha’i colleagues have informed you in a letter, their quota has been cut off for the reason previously specified.  However, according to recent letter number 8234-33 [dated:] 31 Mordad 63 [22 August 1984] from the Political Deputy Director of the Office of the Prosecutor General, our Council has been informed that it is permissible to issue trade permits for this sect except in cases where they [the Baha’is] handle food.  In light of this, it is fitting to allocate their quota to them as before, and you are asked to report the result to this Council.


Brother – Head of the Central Trade Union Council for Sari