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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Saturday 18 Mordad 1359 [27 Ramadan 1400] [9 August 1980]

[Issue No:] 1064

[Page:] 8


News from the Counties


450 government employees have been purged in nine provinces


449 individuals causing low productivity and connected to the previous regime were dismissed from the Governmental Offices of different cities.


In recent days, a number of employees of the departments of 8 Province, were purged.

Dismissal of 16 Lecturers, students and staff from the University of Shiraz


Shiraz - The Purging Council [sentences]…, Ferdows Rashidpour son of Khodadad to permanent dismissal from governmental services and [also] Tayyibeh Baghai, daughter of Mohammad, to permanent dismissal from governmental services for membership in the Baha’ism sect.


48 individuals were dismissed from the Department of Education and Training of Hormozgan.


Bandar Abbas, a Kayhan correspondent, [from] the Department of Education of the Coastal Province announced that following the previous dismissals within this Department, an additional 48 individuals were [also] dismissed. The [dismissed employees] are as follows:

12 individual Baha’is, 5 individuals for collaborating with SAVAK[1], 6 individuals for being members of Rastakhiz Party, one individual for being a loan shark, one individual accused of being morally corrupt and 23 due to having un-Islamic ideologies. 








[1] [Acronym: “National Intelligence and Information Agency”, The intelligence Agency in Pahlavi regime]