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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i Studies Magazine

[Date:] 30 Ordibehesht 1398 [20 May 2019]


The 350th International Book Fair of the Province

The Report of Urmia Exhibition

The 350th International Book Fair of the Province was held on 20 - 25 Shahrivar 1397 [11 - 16 September 2018] in Urmia. Gooy Publishing participated in this exhibition with its publications, along with representation from Munir Publishing. This was Gooy Publishing’s first experience in Urmia.

The presence of Sunnis Publishing and visitors was one of the highlights of the exhibition. The visitors included a wide range of young and old, employees, retirees, shopkeepers, religious students, clerics, lecturers, students and even high-ranking officials of the Guidance Organization. Different people had different views about the Baha’is. Some believed that it was necessary to deal with them more severely and another group was thinking about the violated rights of the Baha’is.

Some, who had seen the quarterly before, praised the weighty and accurate scientific work done. Some visitors were seeking more information about the Baha’i Faith and Baha’is. Meanwhile, many found it useful to demonstrate methods of presentation other than writing, and their tastes were more in line with the artwork.

We hope we have been able to take a step towards presenting the scientific work of the Institute for Baha’i Studies and conveying the appropriate materials to the interested individuals.