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Technical Collage of Semnan


Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God

11 Aban 1362 [2 November 1983]

Number: 17267/AD

Enclosure -----


Mr. Ali-Akbar Nasari, student of the College

Based on letter number [illegible]/M-17485, dated [illegible] Mehr 1362 [October 1983], from the assistant director of the Technical Department, and as you have not responded to the primary and review [appeal?] verdicts, you are hereby expelled from this college, and the legal authorities will be notified accordingly. Incidentally, you owe the sum of 10,000 rial to the Students’ Welfare Fund, so please attend the Educational Services Office of the College to settle your account.

Hosein Bisadi

Head of the Technical College of Semnan


9 Aban 1362 [31 October 1983]