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[Personal information has been redacted.]


2 Mordad 1316 [23 July 1937]


His Excellency, Mr. Jam, the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior

[This is to] respectfully inform you that, according to the reports received from Sangsar, the head of police of that [city] has imprisoned nine Baha’i shop owners because they closed their shops on 23 Tir [1316] [14 July 1937], which was their [Baha’i] Holy Day.

Considering the above report, please order that they be released and no one [be allowed to] continue harassing a community one of whose main religious principles is to the laws and orders of the government, and [which has] never committed any wrongdoings.  Counting on your order.



[Handwritten note at bottom of the page:] Please respond that official holidays are quite specific in the calendar. Please clarify which days they closed [their shops].


[Stamped for registering in the Prime Minister’s office]

Date: 4 Mordad 1316 [25 July 1937]

Reference: 6731