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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone

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115 - 27 Khordad 1319 [17 June 1940] (Copy of the letter to Post and Telegraph of Sangsar)



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone

Respectfully, pursuant to the telegrammed reports number 110- 24 Khordad and 1430- 25 Khordad 1319, we convey the following—

Haji Agha Sabeti, the representative of Ghomash Corporation, and his son, Hossain Agha Sabeti, the representative of Sugar Corporation, despite having committed not to close their shops, during any days other than the official holidays, in accordance with the order of His Majesty the King and to be exiled in case of violation, did close the doors of their shops. Sargent Khosravi, the head of police, and Captain Behrouzi, financial investigator of the military, asked Hosein Agha Sabeti while I and a few other merchants were present, “What is the reason for the closing of your and other people’s shops?” He said, “Today is 22 Khordad 1319 [12 June 1940], the anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab, and we have been told to close our shops.”

On 24 Khordad 1319 [14 June 1940], when the police were arresting the Baha’i merchants who were in violation in order to exile them, Haji Agha Sabeti and his son went into hiding. On the 25th, Hossain Agha Sabeti was present at his shop and the police agents were searching for Haji Agha Sabeti. Today, Haji Agha Sabeti suddenly came to his shop.  Although the agents had gone as far as Jozein, nine kilometres from Sangsar, to arrest him, the police have not apprehended him yet and he is engaging in business with utmost confidence.

Given that most of the nine individuals who have been exiled are poor people and their jobs [are such as] hairdresser, bathhouse attendant, and spice seller, it would have been most appropriate if no discrimination had been exercised in this matter. If [an order for] their exile is irrevocable, then these two high ranking Baha’i merchants would have to be exiled just like the other violators who were poor, so that it will not cause repeated complaints from those exiled.

We send this for your information, but it is contingent upon Your Excellency’s opinion.

Director of Sangesar Post and Telegraph

Assadollah Yaghmaie


[Below the letter] The copy is identical to original. [Stamp]