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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization (EMEO)

In the Name of the Most High


Date: 15/10/ 70 [5 January 1992]

Number: 11/19424

Enclosure -----

Unit -----


Write the first two letters of your surname

1st letter: K        2nd letter/ A

Brother: Pedram Kazemi [illegible]

Acknowledging the receipt of your registration documents to participate in [illegible] 1371-1372 [1992-1993], we hereby inform you that it is necessary to complete one of the sections of Article 19 of the questionnaire related to religious study (Islamic or other religious studies) so that the right question can be provided.  Please indicate your religion by the sign of X below and send it to the address: Tehran - PO Box 15875-1314, Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization - Defect Elimination Section - before 30/11/1370 [20 January 1992].


Delay or lack of response will nullify your case.

1- Islamic -----

2- Christian -----

3- Jewish -----

4- Zoroastrian -----

[official stamp]


In the Name of God

With much gratitude, although I believe in all holy divine religions, I am not a follower of any of the abovementioned religions; therefore, I leave the form blank; however, with respect to religious studies, my selection is Islamic studies.

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With many thanks