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Form Number 1


In the Name of God

Hearing number: 283/M/H/992

Date: 3 Bahman 1361 [23 January 1983]

Primary Board for Restructuring Human Resources of the University of Tehran.

Allegation: Perverse sect


Proceedings: The file containing accusations against Mr. Ahmad, Last Name: Atai, Son of: Aghabuzurg

Born in [redacted]; Birth certificate number [redacted]; Issued in [redacted]; Position: University Professor; Record of service: 30 years; Location: Medical School; Employment number:[redacted]; Education: PhD; single/ married; was heard by the Board, in its meeting of 28 Farvardin 1361 [17 April 1982].

In light of the submitted evidence, the Board declares its verdict as follows:


Verdict of the Board

In light of the contents of the file and the report of the investigation team –X--, and the Document Centre of the Revolution, and in light of other circumstances surrounding the case and the existing evidence on file, the Islamic Board considers the charges against the accused to be well-founded. And the offence attributed to the accused is in accordance with

1- Membership of perverse sect which, with the consensus of the opinions of Muslims jurists, is considered to be outside the bounds of Islam, subject of Article 29 of Paragraph 8 the Restructuring of Human Resources of Ministries [and Governmental Institutions] and Public Sectors Act of 5 Mehr 1360 [27 September 1981], in accordance with Article 11 of Paragraph 20 of the mentioned Article, is condemned to permanent dismissal from government employment.

This is a final enforceable Order in accordance with Section 49 of the mentioned Act.

The right of appeal to review is within 15 days of its service on the accused.

Head of the Primary Board

[Signature and official stamp]