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In the Name of God

the Department of Industry, Mine and Trade

Mazandaran Province



Islamic Republic [of Iran]

Ministry of Industry, [Mine and Trade]

Economic Resilience, Action and Practice


Number: 701/66513

Date: 13 Bahman 1395 [1 February 2017]

Honourable Director General of Inspection, Management of Operation and Legal Affairs of the Office of the Provincial Governor General of Mazandaran

Subject: Sealing of trade union units in Qaemshahr City


Respectfully, referring to letter number 86/12/87705, dated 27 Dey 1395 [16 January 2017] regarding the sealing of trade union units in Qaemshahr City, the mentioned units were directly sealed by the Public Places Supervision Office based on special decisions.

Mohammad Mohammadpour Omran

Head of the Organization




-Esteemed Director General of the Security Office of the Organization for Information

- The Office of Trade Affairs and Trade Unions

- Action 233745