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Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Khuzestan Province

Number -----

Date -----

Enclosure -----

[Stamp:] Confidential


In the Name of God

Head of Department of Health, City of Khorramshahr


Pursuant to the letter dated 15 Dey 1373 [5 January 1995], number 12440/101/8,  concerning the request for income support from Mr. Ahmad Mahmoudi, an assistant nurse and member of the perverse Baha’i sect, and given the response received from the Review Board of the Ministry of Health, in respect to similar individuals, kindly [provide information] in the event that the aforementioned individual declares his repudiation of the perverse Baha’i sect in a widely distributed newspaper, and provide a copy of the same to the Review Board of the Ministry [illegible].  The Board will review the situation and will consider his financial situation and take the necessary actions to reinstate his income/sustenance (in accordance with Section 43 of the guidelines of the Employment Arbitration Act approved by the respected Council of Ministers on 16 Mehr 1373 [8 October 1994], number 25227/T/275/H). /S

Best Wishes,

Head of the Initial Committee for Proceedings of Administrative Offences of Tehran University of Medical Sciences of Khuzestan

[Signature over official stamp]


21 Dey 1372 [11 January 1994]

Copy to Mr. Ahmad Mahmoudi, address: [redacted], following the request dated 11 Dey 1373 [1 January 1995]

For Information of The Ministry’s Review Committee for Hearing of the Administrative Offences

Head of Human Resources Department of the University for information and action in similar cases