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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Government of the Tenth Province

Number: 1204

Date: 28 Mehr 1330 [21 October 1951]


Attachment: 2 sheets


Ministry of the Interior,

In the months of Muharram and Safar, religious strife [often] occurs under the guise of mourning. Therefore, in order to avoid any possible mishaps, a letter went out to law enforcement agencies, to the governorate, counties, public safety offices, gendarmerie, and the seminaries of Isfahan prior to the arrival of Muharram, in order to carefully avoid discord and dissension under such pretexts—a true copy of letter 11243, 30 Shahrivar 1330 [22 September 1951], from the provincial government is attached.

Since a piece of information was received from Najafabad (the centre of Baha’is) during Ashura, regarding the possibility of discord in the area, the army was asked to send a group of soldiers for protection and cooperation [along] with the public security officers. The army did as requested for the days of Tasoua and Ashura[1], but later dispatched them to the city; as a result, one Baha’i was murdered on Friday, 26 Mehr 1330 [19 October 1951]. A copy of report number 2567 of the Office of Public Safety is attached.  

It is noteworthy that in such circumstances, with a shortage of police officers and gendarmes, if the assistance of army personnel is withheld, I will not be able to accept any responsibility for the security and peacekeeping in the province.

I request that immediate and special consideration be granted in this matter.


Governor General of the Tenth Province, [Signature:]


[Margin 1:] Security; 1 Aban [24 October]

[Margin 2:] Seal: recorded in confidential book of the Ministry of the Interior under number 7355, dated 1 Aban 1330 [24 October 1951]

[Margin 3:] Report to the Minister, 1 Aban 1330 [24 October 1951]

[Margin 4:] Immediately send a report to the Ministry of War, as well as to the prime minister, and apprise the provincial government of our letter to the Ministry of War, 1 Aban [24 October] 

[Margin 5:] Received at the Office of Security at the end of the day, 2 Aban [25 October]

[Margin 6:] Mr Soltani, please follow up, 5 Aban 1330 [28 October 1951]



[1] Days of mourning for the slain members of the Prophet's family