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Place: [Office of Red] Lion and Sun

Karaj Police Station


Report 11 Esfand 1348 [2 March 1970]


You are respectfully informed that at 23:00 [hours] on 10 Esfand 1348 [1 March 1970], I entered the police station as I had been summoned by the Duty Officer. I observed a number of Baha’i residents of Karaj were involved in a fight and altercation with a number of fanatic Muslims, over the issue of meetings of Baha’ism.  The Duty Officer had summoned me and asked me to investigate with the collaboration of the Intelligence Unit.  As you are aware, as stipulated by orders issued by the Centre [Central Government], the activities and meetings of the perverse Baha’i sect should be prevented reasonably.  Although their authorities have been notified repeatedly not to hold any activities or gatherings, which is against the present laws of the country, we see that said sect nevertheless holds meetings at the Baha’i Assembly [hall] located Shalchi lane, once every few days with a large number of Baha’is participating in those assemblies.

This is reported for your information.


This is a true copy of the original.

Intelligence [Information] Chief



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